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How Do I Increase My GMB Ranking?

One of the first steps in maximizing your GMB listing is choosing the right categories. Listing in this quote from a SEO Link Building can negatively impact your online presence, and your business will not show up for relevant searches. Google prefers to display business listings in categories that accurately reflect what they do. Listed businesses should choose up to five categories that make sense for their business and website content.
Auditing your Google My Business account

If you want to increase your GMB ranking, you can make sure that you have all the information about your business that Google needs. The first step is to choose the appropriate categories for your business. Choosing the wrong category can cause your listing to get lost in search results, which is not good for your online presence. Google wants businesses to use categories that best describe their product or service. Try to add at least five categories that are relevant to your business.

Another step is to review your reviews. Although more reviews don’t mean that you’ll be higher in search results, reviews are important because they give potential customers social proof. You can share a review form with your customers on your website or social media to solicit reviews. visit now can also provide a pre-populated Questions and Answers form for your customers to use. Answer questions using top keywords and local modifiers if possible.

Check your listing for duplicate listings. If your business has moved recently, you might find that there are duplicate listings for the same address. Sometimes, you can update your address in GMB, but it will only update the address on one listing. If this happens, you’ll need to close duplicate listings and follow Google’s directions carefully.
Creating interactive posts in your profile

Creating interactive posts in your profile is an excellent way to attract more customers and promote in-person visits. Make sure to include relevant CTAs to direct users to your website or take an action on your profile. You can also include images and videos to further engage your audience.

The Google My Business platform has a wide variety of post types. Once you log in, you will see a menu with different types of posts that you can create. Some types of posts promote new products or services, while others are intended to attract your ideal customers.

To increase your GMB ranking, you need to provide relevant information about your business. This way, Google will be able to match your business to relevant customer queries. It’s also important to include a good quality image, which will give potential customers a sense of your business’ identity.
Using the website builder to optimize your GMB listing

One of the most important factors in attracting customers to your website is the ability to appear on the first page of Google. The reason for this is that websites that appear on the first page tend to get the most traffic. Therefore, it’s vital for your business to get as high a ranking as possible on Google. One way to do this is to optimize your Google Business Profile listing. Website builders should include the tools necessary to optimize this profile.

Another way to increase the amount of traffic to your website is to include social check-ins. This feature will expand the visibility of your GMB listing on Facebook and other social platforms. When a user clicks on the “check-in” button on these platforms, it will announce that they’ve visited your local business. This action will then be recorded by Google’s algorithm and will impact local search rankings.

In addition to enhancing the visibility of your GMB listing, you should also include meta and structured data markup for better SEO. Local business schema is especially important for small businesses. Without these, your listing may not appear in search results.
Monitoring calls from your GMB listing

There are several ways to increase your GMB ranking. One is to post content on your GMB listing. Posting to your GMB listing will improve your local search ranking because it will let Google know that you’re active. Posting to your GMB listing can also help you promote sales, events, and new products and services.

The other way to increase your GMB ranking is to track phone calls from your GMB listing. Monitoring phone calls from your listing will increase your relevance and help Google understand that users are interested in interacting with your business. For example, if your listing shows up on a search for “electrical contractors,” you may want to add your business’s phone number to the Primary phone field.

free Local SEO Services – Affordable SEO LLC can also use phone call tracking to track leads or spam. You can use a tool called Local Viking to monitor your listing, which can track your local visibility reports, phone calls, and keywords. It makes it easy to manage your GMB listing and can send you reports by email.

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