RV Buyers

What Should I Not Tell My RV Salesman?

The first thing to keep in mind when speaking with a RV salesperson is to be patient. Most RV dealerships want to give you a comprehensive overview of the purchasing process, including the next steps. In most cases, the customer will say, “Yes, that sounds about right,” and the salesperson will go on to explain the next steps and the process for them.
Selling features won’t help you close the deal

RV buyers don’t purchase a recreational vehicle for the features. They choose one because of the unlimited rewards that come with it. As a salesman, you must explain to the customer what he will be receiving from the purchase and how that will benefit him. It is important to explain this early so that both you and the customer are comfortable. section-by-section article don’t like the unknown, so putting them at ease by explaining the process early will create an implicit agreement. This is a win-win situation for the customer and the salesperson.

When closing the deal with an RV salesman, it’s important to ask the right questions. It’s important to find out what the customer wants, and you should disclose any defects or issues you see. It’s not fair to keep a buyer in the dark about features that will negatively affect the value of their RV.
Service departments are a drawback for RV salespeople

Service departments are a major drawback for RV salespeople, and there are many reasons for that. Not all full-timers are handy, and many will need to stay in an extended-stay hotel if their RV breaks down. RV salespeople must understand that service departments are not the end all be all of RV sales. However, they shouldn’t let this scare them off.

Many RV salespeople treat potential buyers like royalty until they buy. They make promises to provide upgrades, repairs, or extras, but then forget about them once they’ve taken the money. Service managers can help customers avoid these pitfalls by explaining to them that these promises are not legally enforceable.
Trading in a vehicle won’t help you close the deal

An RV salesman wants you to buy from him, not trade in your current vehicle. So, trading in your car or truck won’t help you close the deal with him. Moreover, they may pull strings in order to get a better price. This isn’t always the best move.

First, you have to ask whether trading in a vehicle will help you close the deal with the RV salesman. This is because the RV dealer may not negotiate with you on the trade-in value. Hence, it’s important to make sure that the amount offered is more than the balance left on your auto loan. For example, if you trade in your vehicle for a value of $6,000, you could pay off the remaining auto loan balance and have $3,400 to spend on a new RV.
Don’t get intimidated by the salesperson

A good way to make your RV buying experience a positive one is to be clear about what you’re looking for in an RV. Showing the salesman your “must haves” list will allow him to show you RVs that fit your criteria. Otherwise, he might show you a class A motorhome that doesn’t meet your criteria. Don’t tell him how you’ll pay for the RV, as he might structure a deal that benefits his interests.

While you shouldn’t be intimidated by the RV salesman, it’s important to realize that he’s trying to make a sale and is not going to give you anything for free. This means that you must be prepared to ask questions and make sure you know what you want to know.
Don’t walk out

Rather than pushing a sale, RV salesmen should set the stage for the customer by explaining the process they use to sell RVs. This sets the expectations and makes the customer feel comfortable. It also removes any feelings of uncertainty. Most people dislike the unknown, so making the buying process clear and easy to understand will help make the process more successful. Also, it will demonstrate the knowledge and expertise of the dealership.

Not all RV salesmen are bad. There are some that are only looking to make a sale and will do whatever it takes to close the sale. While some salespeople may be dishonest and try to push the sale, others are simply concerned with getting the bonus.